Screw Conveyors


Screw conveyor is cost effective and durable device in transferring different materials in various applications. It is ideal for transferring and handling of dry and semi -dry mediums. Compared to belt and and pneumatic conveyors screw conveyor needs less maintenance and is more cost effective investment. Screw conveyor is compact, versatile and flexible construction with different in- and outlets.

Screw conveyors are used typically in mixing, de-clumping, cooling, heating, diluting, shredding or drying.

We design and manufacture standard conveyors and tailor made applications for customer purposes. Conveyors are also available for ATEX-zone 21 and 22 (95/9/EY Category 2 and 3).

The Pipe screw conveyors are dust proof so they are suitable clean and safe production environments. We manufacture this of conveyors typically in sizes 100-2000 mm (flight diameter). Assembly inclination can vary from 0 to 90 decrees.

The Trough screw conveyor are available from 100 to 1500 mm (flight diameter).  Assembly inclination can vary from 0 to 45 decrees.

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Screw Pumps


The Archimedian screw pump are used to pump waste water and sludge at wastewater plants and other water treating facilities. Alternative assembly positions and locations, low maintenance and durability are typical advantages for screw pumps.

Screw pump material options are carbon steel and stainless steel.

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Conveyor Screws


Conveying screws are manufactured based on customers drawings or according Siirtoruuvi`s design.


Screw Flights


Siirtoruuvi Oy manufactures also helicoid screw flights. They are formed in our special rolling machine by forming  a steel strip into a continuous, smooth one-piece helix of the required diameter, pitch and thickness to fit conveyor screw pipes.

We stock standard sizes that enables fast deliveries. Upon request we manufacture helicot screw flights in other sizes and pitches.

By using cold forming method screw flights are stronger and more durable that the late flights.

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Dilution Screws


Diluting screw conveyors are used in processes where controlled dilution of medium is a necessity.

Typically conveyor is designed with customer case by case to optimal usage.


Screw Bottoms


Screw bottoms are for dismantling poorly running materials from bins, silos and tanks. Applications are such as biological waste, paper mass, wood chips, wood cutter and food flours and cement products. One conveyor has several screws.

Wide bottom area and several screws enables ability to handle difficult materials with continuous material flow.


Screw Lifts


Screw lifts are maybe the most demanding screw conveyor type in process industry applications. High rpm, length of the lift screw and powerful gear motor set high demands for tolerances and balancing of the screws. Siirtoruuvi Oy has delivered several screw lifts around the globe.


Shredder Screws


Shredding screw conveyers are typically used for mechanical shaping of medium. The design and placing of the shredders are case sensitive and often decided with the customer based on experience and best practices.

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