Exceptionally large screw conveyor

We delivered a large screw conveyor with a total weight of 9,300 kg to a foreign pulp mill. The screw diameter was exceptionally large at 2075x12125. The shaft tube was lined with a Duplex EN 1.4162 plate, and the threads were also made of 12 mm Duplex plate. Careful design always includes a test thread to ensure the correct shape and dimensioning of the thread. For transport, a separate metal carrier platform was made for the screw, ensuring safe delivery initially by lorry, followed by a rail journey to destination. Our central location in Western Finland enables flexible transportation by land and sea.

Most of the transfer screw deliveries are made to challenging applications in international markets. In the pulp and paper industry, there are many steps of material handling requiring a screw conveyor and conveyor screws. We know the requirements of the industry and also supply various special/composite screw conveyors that meet the customers processing needs.

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