Siirtoruuvi Oy provides conveyor solutions for modifying and transferring material flows in advanced industries

Each production process includes material handling of some kind. A screw conveyor is a highly versatile solution for the needs of materials processes. Materials are transferred for several different needs, and different needs require versatile properties.

Besides transferring materials, a screw conveyor can e.g.: dilute, dose, concentrate, heat, cool, tear, grind, colour, separate and pulverize.

All this during highly efficient transferring either horizontally or vertically.

The same production facility may have several transfer solutions, and each of them has its own important role in guaranteeing an efficient, safe and economical production. Screw conveyor transfer solutions can be used in versatile ways in several different industry sectors. We can find the optimal solution to meet your needs in collaboration.

If you value speed, flexibility, economic efficiency, cost-effectiveness and reliability – a screw conveyor made by Siirtoruuvi Oy is the solution for you!

Reliability – free of maintenance – tailoring – cost-effectiveness – functionality

Pulp & Paper industry

Industrial wastewater treatment • Pulp manufacture, transport and drying • Starch and by-products • Production of pulp, chips and sawdust handling • Use of recycled materials


Finnish pulp and paper industry is top of the world class. Requirement of reliability, functionality and cost-effectiveness is very high. We at Siirtoruuvi ltd are trusted partners for the pulp and paper industry because:

  • We are familiar with customer’s material flow and process.
  • We know how to design and plan the right solutions for different needs and purposes of the process.
  • We manufacture conveyors to meet the high demands for reliability.
  • We are the genuine partner, not just a component supplier.


Devices we supply for the pulp and paper industry: shredding screw conveyors, screw conveyors horizontal and vertical transfer of the material. Conveyors for dilution, separation, washing, dosing as well as a various of special / combination applications according to customers’ needs.

Mining Industry

Material flow • Screening • Grinding • Pulverising • Storage and unloading of materials • Dust filtering • Cleaning • Drying


In the mining industry, the material is hard and dusty, and during the process the material is treated in different ways. Along with the transfer of the material is washed, treated and chemically modified.

Durable material solutions and low- maintenance products are essential preconditions for conveyors.


Bio and energy industries

Raw material handling • Sorting • Cooling and heating • Mixing • Dilution • Waste handling • Recycling


Transferring materials is very many-sided and challenging opportunity. Transforming waste mass to fuel and further to remote heat is very challenging process. Waste needs to be moved and transformed a lot and the through conveyor is proven to be very effective method for transport. Medium can be sludge, granule, metal, chips, fluid or solid and mixed waste. The medium needs to washed, heated, dried and sorted during normal process.


Food Industry

Processing and transferring of raw materials • Screening • Grease treatment • Cooling and Heating • Mixing • Dilution • Waste disposal • Recycling Material Handling


Hygienic, reliable and closed transfer solutions are necessity for this industry. In the same production unit can include processing of fruit and vegetables, ready meals, meat processing and the manufacture of canned food.

Conveyor disinfection and integration to cleaning systems are typical for the food industry.

Chemical Industry

Processing and transferring of raw materials • Separation • Dilution • Wastewater treatment • Formation of by-product materials and chemicals processing • Mixing • Cooling


Due to a variety of acids, chemicals and plastics compounds in the process flow applications requires special attention to corrosion resistance and design. Typical materials in this industry are challenging.

Wood processing

Handling and transfer • Screening • Storage • Waste water treatment • Treatment of bypass product handling such as chemicals • Dosing


Forest industry includes, sawmills, plywood factories, pellets manufacturers. Conveying solutions are needed for storage, transport and metering.

The materials are transported to and processed in the mechanical wood processes include. sawdust, wood shavings, bark and chips. These materials may be either by-products in the second process, or the main raw materials; e.g. heating pellets are made from sawdust.

Because of the high flammability of saw dust the solution has to be dust proof and antistathic.


Waste water

Separation • Storage • Wastewater treatment • Cleaning • Transfer


Solids and liquids are separated from sewage disposal. Then purified, filtered and transferred for further processing. In order to achieve the most reliable and functional level, the process must be capable of operating correctly. Various chemicals and the requirements of energy efficiency and recycling are part of the everyday life of wastewater treatment. The overall process conceptualization, dimensioning, choice of materials and design are the essential elements of success, which ensures operation of waste water treatment.


In agriculture, transport and forming is done in the harvester, when the grain is lifted from the field and screened. Superfluous constituents are separated at this stage by threads. The combine harvester while the material is transferred into the silo and from there to the second conveyor. Surprisingly, many transfer and editing are on the way from field to mill grain.

The process of farms is seasonal and hectic. Therefore reliability, speed and efficiency are essential to productivity and the choice of transport solutions.

Life Cycle Support

Spare parts deliveries and spare screws for screw conveyors including maintenance at our factory are part of our normal services. We provide screw conveyor repairs and modifications (also other makes) including conveyors repair and modification estimations at customers’ site.