Siirtoruuvi Oy – Ruuvikuljettimet, LEKO kuljettimet

LEKO Group Oy
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Screw conveyors and LEKO Conveyors for many industrial sector

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Extensive and versatile
material handling

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Transport, dilute,
feed, mix, separate

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We supply all-in-1 conveyor process solutions

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Versatile selection of conveyors

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Standard and tailored screw conveyors

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Extensive and versatile material handling solutions

Screw conveyors

A screw conveyor is cost-effective and long-lasting

A screw conveyor is a cost-effective and long-lasting means for transferring different materials in many types of applications. It is ideal for transferring and handling various dry and semi-liquid materials.

LEKO Engineering

Extensive and versatile material handling solutions

Our solutions include belt conveyors, scraper conveyors, elevators, receiving hoppers, funnels, screens, silos, ship loaders, ramps, support structures, and heavy or lightweight gangways.

Design and production

We design and manufacture tailored engineering products

Our design and product development services also respond to the demand for speciality products.
Modern machinery and synergy of group companies create the conditions for manufacturing versatile products ranging from single units to mass production.


Siirtoruuvi Oy is a company specialized in the complete solutions for material handling, transfer and conveyor processes and the manufacture of screw conveyors and screw pumps.

Our expertise covers all stages of the production chain, from design to manufacturing and service. Our products are widely used around the world in various industries.



Pulp & Paper industry
Mining Industry
Bio and energy industries
Food Industry
Chemical Industry
Wood Processing
Waste water
Life Cycle Support

1. Design

Customers rarely come with finished drawings we could work with. Our job is to work together to design the right product for the right use. In other words, we don’t just carry out the task given to us – we take responsibility for the functionality of the whole process, up to the functionality and delivery of the final product.
We study each customer’s material flows and overall processes. We evaluate different ways of implementing the task and draft a project plan based on our extensive expertise.

2. Welding

All stages of production are carried out in modern facilities, using cutting-edge tools and equipment. Each segment has its own top professionals, but our welding and finishing department plays an especially important role in terms of project functionality.

3. Machining

Siirtoruuvi has a long history and, although its business operations have expanded, developed and become more versatile, it still has the same mission: to provide high-quality machining services in a goal-oriented, customer-centred way.

4. Assembly, finishing

We can implement advanced configurations for our customers and produce products based on customer drawings via both component manufacturing and subcontracting.

5. Deliveries

We can implement large-scale projects, as we have four companies in the group to support our service segment. Together they form a manufacturing chain that reduces the customers’ needs to use multiple subcontractors. A comprehensive supplier is always a safer, faster and more durable option for the customer than a scattered system of various vendors.

6. Life Cycle Support

Expert aftermarket services bring important added value to our customers. Our spare parts services and supply of spare parts are independent of manufacturer, and our technical services include maintenance and repairs, device and condition assessments, and troubleshooting for all brands.