Design and production


1) We study the customer’s material flows and overall process.
2) We ask about and evaluate different factors in an open-minded, coaching style.
3) We make a proposal based on the gathered information and our previous vast expertise.
4) We go through the project and the quote with the customer.
5) We supply a conveyor solution with reliable performance to the customer.

The products we manufacture have a long life cycle. Understanding the customer’s material flows and overall process brings advantages and expertise. We know how to choose the right materials, strengths and other properties. Durability and reliability arise from customer-centredness, precise measurements, continuous control, and commitment to uphold the highest quality. All screw conveyors are tested and undergo trial runs.

Product robustness, reliability and sustainable service life are at the core of our design and manufacturing. We wish to do our part and help the customer avoid uncontrolled downtime in their production process or disruptions in material flows.

3D technologies enable the more precise and efficient design of products, leading to higher-quality products and faster production. 3D design also reduces the number of errors and lowers costs. It also enables the creation of complex geometric forms and perception of the functionality of the overall conveyor process. 3D design is also sustainable because it reduces the usage of materials and energy.
Combining 3D design with other technologies, such as AI and machine learning, increases the designer’s chances of planning individualized solutions for companies in different industry sectors.

As production materials, we use carbon steels, stainless and acid-resistant steels, and most types of special alloy steels. The steel grades we use include: S335, Hardox 400, EN-1.4307, EN-1.4404, EN-1.4462, EN-1.4162, EN-1.4410, EN-1.4571, SMO254.

Our durable and reliable products have a long service life and low costs of use and maintenance. We also manufacture conveyors for ATEX facilities, grades 21 and 22.

The LEKO Engineering unit operates in close collaboration with the production. This means that the designer has the opportunity to follow the production at Lehtonen’s machine shop. Customers get the benefit of a comprehensive expert project from needs mapping to design, manufacturing, delivery and installation.

Manufacturing segments

Sheet metal cutting

• Flame cutting / Plasma cutting
• ThermCut CNC P4000 – 3050×18000 2 qty, max S=300 mm

Sheet metal work

• Elding press
    – DURMA 300 T / 4000 mm
    – ERMAK 300 T / 3700 mm
    – INANLAR 1250 T / 4100 mm
    – ALIKO 630 T / 7100 mm

• Sheet cutter
    – ALIKO 16×3020

• Sheet roller
    – DAVI 2000 / 16 mm
    – MG 2000 / 80 mm

• Straightening press
    – LEKO 1500 x 550 x 750 mm

• Section bender
    – FACCIN D800 80 x 80 Ø 800 mm

• Edge bevel grinding
    – PULLMAX R90 Max. 50 mm


• Welding machines
    – 45 pcs 400-500 AMP

• Turntables
    – 12 pcs PEMA / TALTOR 650 – 25 000 kg
    – PEMA APS 35 000 kg

• Turning rolls
    – 2 pcs TALTOR 3 / 6 T

• Welding conveyor
    – 1 kpl BUGO 6+6 m

• Submerg arc welding towers
    – 6 pcs PEMA / ESAB HD 4x4m and
        CAB 3x3m

• Welding robots
    – PEMA Skyhook 2 pcs 20T and
        5T L= 15m and max. diameter 5 m
    – PEMA HD 7×5 welding tower


• 6 pcs boring machines, lathes X9000, Y6000​
• 3 pcs vertical lathes D3000, Z2500​
• 1 pcs 5-axle vertical multipurpose lathe D2000, Z1800, Y1550​
• 2 pcs 5-axle multipurpose lathe
    D710, Z2500​
• 2 pcs lathes D500, Z1500​
• 1 pcs machining centre X2000, Y750, Z500​
• 3 pcs horizontal milling machines
    D1700, Z5500​

• Lifting capacity 80t

Finishing, assembly

– 1000 m²
– Height 7 m
– Lifting capacity 2x 16 T

– 650 m²
– Height 5,5 m
– Lifting capacity 16 T

Lifting capacity

• Total cranes – 108 qty 0,5 – 2×30 T
• Max lifting capacity 100 T

Installation, service

The installation and maintenance group is responsible for the installation of conveyors, ensuring that the conveyors are fully functional. Their work includes the inspection, maintenance and repairs (as needed) of the conveyors.
We also offer a maintenance and modernization service for the components, products and machine parts we manufacture. For example, the service life and robustness of a screw conveyor can be enhanced by regular maintenance procedures, such as tightening the shaft seals and cleaning any blockages.

The service life of machined parts can be extended by e.g. different types of surface finishing agents and by modernizing the mechanical parts.

It is also often possible to make improvements in the customer’s existing process and to utilise old systems when building a new one. For example, plaster conveyors can be reformed by utilizing old conveyor blocks. In many modernization projects, we have collaborated with e.g. maintenance companies, but reforms can also be implemented independently. All modernization projects are customer-specific and vary in scope.

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